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At the origin of the creation of A.J. Freitas was the knowledge of its founder - António Freitas - resulting from the experience of 13 years in the metallutomechanical sector.

In the face of rapid growth acquired new facilities in the newly created industrial zone of Lordelo in Vale de Cambra allowing further development, diversification of the offer of services, increased production capacity and a considerable improvement in accessibility bringing the company closer to its customers.

Based on a business model where the multi-sectorality of solutions allows a broad view of reality, A.J. Freitas seeks through complementarity in the construction of solutions for customers, establish partnerships, creating differentiated products and innovative services sustainable in time.

Quality policy

The Management of AJ Freitas is committed to adapt to the purpose and context of the organization, through:

• Compliance with applicable legal and statutory requirements;
• Compliance with the strategic orientation of the partners;
• The objective understanding of the proposed service and its correspondence to the needs of customers;
• Ensuring the availability of access and speed of response to the service provided;
• Continuous training of human resources as a form of motivation and increased efficiency;
• Adequacy of facilities and equipment to the services provided;
• Continuously improving the System and carrying out, at least once a year, a review;
• Ensuring that all its employees are informed and motivated regarding the Quality Policy and participate in its implementation.

To supply services in the field of metalworking and monitor technological progress, satisfying and exceeding the requirements of our customers, with a view to increasing their business efficiency and the permanent improvement of quality.

Develop commercial partnerships, creating a culture of optimization and quality, providing solutions that are effective and responding to current and future challenges.

AJ Freitas has as structuring values of its mission:

• Ethics: bet on transparency of action in order to establish relationships of trust.

• Credibility/Commitment: to meet the proposed objectives and established agreements.

• Responsibility/ Professionalism: perform work with rigor and quality.


Serviço 1

CNC Turning

Serviço 2

CNC Milling

Serviço 2


Contact Us

A.J. Freitas & Oliveira, Lda
Av. dos Pousados nº 475
Zona Industrial de Lordelo/Codal Lote 1A
3730-552 Vale de Cambra - Portugal
+351 256 465 376
+351 912 400 944

A.J. Freitas & oliveira, Lda. founded on March 1, 1993, aimed to intervene in the subcontracting in the areas of cnc turning and milling for the most diverse areas of application such as:  
- food, agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical; - the world of two and four wheels;  - renewable energies;  - components for equip. hospital;  - technical parts for the machinery and gabaris industry; 
- trucking components.

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